As you know, book promotional services often become quickly ineffective and what works today may not produce results tomorrow.  To help new authors, I’ve created the following list of book promotional sites that I personally use to launch my books.  I hope it helps you hit that bestsellers list!

Note: I do my best to keep this list updated, however I cannot guarantee results from any of the following services. Please let me know if any of the links fail to work, or if you know of a promotional service that you feel should be added to the list, send me an email!

Promo Sites used in my last book launch in paranormal romance:  May, 2018

Paid: $18. Sold 63 copies at $0.99

Book Raid:
Sold 92 copies at $0.99

Ebook Discovery:
Paid $29. Sold 114 copies at $0.99

Robin Reads:
Paid $65. Sold 173 copies at $0.99

Book Barbarian:
Paid $35. Sold 112 copies at $0.99.

Ereader News Today:
Paid $30. Sold 142 copies at $0.99

Red Feather Romance:
Spent $80. Sold 98 copies at $0.99

Many Books:
Paid $29. Sold 54 copies at $0.99

I Love Vampire Novels:
Paid $70. Sold 52 copies at $0.99.

OTOH Books New Release Campaign:
Paid $149. Sold 152 copies at $0.99

I no longer use Fussy Librarian, My Romance Reads or eBook Soda as I have seen a continued decline in results.

Tip: Set up links for all of your promotions so that you can easily track clicks.

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