Here are some of the ways I’ve built targeted, organic mailing lists, while getting my book into the hands of hundreds of new readers (which results in a ton of reviews every time I launch a book!):

1: Give away the first book in a series.
While I’ve seen authors recommending giving away book 2 in a series, I have always created giveaways around book 1 and have had incredible success this way.

We need to control where new readers enter our book funnels so it just makes sense to start them off with the first book in a series, right? You’ll always sell more books this way and you won’t risk confusing a reader.

2: Network with other author giveaways
Check out Facebook groups that feature InstaFreebie giveaways as well as InstaFreebie’s own community to network with other authors. You can submit your book to possible group giveaways here:

Simply search for keywords pertaining to your genre, such as “paranormal romance Instafreebie” on Facebook.  For your convenience, I’ll also provide a list of popular InstaFreebie groups on Facebook at the end of this guide.

3:  Leverage social media
Whenever you create a new giveaway on InstaFreebie make sure to tweet, pin and post about it. You’ll also want to use relevant tags and keywords such as #InstaFreebie #FreeBook #BookGiveaway to maximize exposure.

4: Don’t tease readers
I’ve seen authors giving away 10% samples of their books on InstaFreebie, but in my experience my campaigns are always far more successful when I provide a full-length, complete story.

That doesn’t mean your book must be novel or even novella length, just that it should be a complete read and not a sample of a book.

InstaFreebie Readers are always on the lookout for new authors in their preferred genres, so by providing them with a full-length copy of your book, you’re able to gain a new fan who could ultimately become a loyal buyer.  That’s worth the price of giving away a few books!

Important Reminder: If your book is in KDP, you are only allowed to share up to 10% of your book on sites like InstaFreebie, your blog or via social media campaigns.

5: Aim for smaller Instafreebie Giveaways
Join Instafreebie giveaways where there are no more than 40 authors participating. That way your book doesn’t get lost in a sea of featured books.

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