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Kate is a New York Times Bestselling author who loves making money from all things writing. When she isn't writing romance novels or business guides, she's usually found creating tools and resources that help other writers cash in on their skills.

Building Your Fan Base With InstaFreebie

If you’re looking for the secret sauce to building your reader lists through giveaways, there are a few fast and easy ways to do it. You’ll need just 2 things:...

/ May 22, 2018

List of Top Book Promo Sites for 2018

As you know, book promotional services often become quickly ineffective and what works today may not produce results tomorrow.  To help new authors, I've created the following list of book...

/ May 22, 2018

List of Facebook Groups That Will Promote Your Free Books in 2018

Do you have a free book promo coming up with KDP Select?  If so, spend a few minutes promoting it to the groups and pages below. Good luck! Tip: Automate...

/ May 22, 2018

List of Sites to Promote your Free Amazon Kindle Books in 2018

If you're looking to maximize visibility by featuring your book for free via KDP Select, it's important that you take the time to strategize a marketing plan during your free...

/ May 22, 2018

How to Exploit Amazon Kindle SEO and Sell More Books

Whoah, you say. Why should you care about SEO and how will it help you maximize book sales? Simply put, SEO is when you carefully place targeted keywords in key...

/ April 9, 2018

Freelance Writing: How to Get Started With No Experience

So, you want to start making money as a freelance writer, but there's one thing holding you back: you have ZERO experience. Don't worry, we've all been there. But, guess...

/ October 24, 2017