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Kate is a New York Times Bestselling author who loves making money from all things writing. When she isn't writing romance novels or business guides, she's usually found creating tools and resources that help other writers cash in on their skills.

How to Edit Book Covers

So, you've downloaded one of our free pre-made book covers and now you're looking to customize it with your pen name and book title. Or, maybe you want to change...

/ September 2, 2018

Creating Your Cover

D on’t judge a book by its cover certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to selling more books on Amazon and other marketplaces. Your book cover is one of the...

/ September 2, 2018

Making Money with Upwork

Chances are, if you’ve searched Google and other major search engines in the hopes of finding freelance work, you've probably come across Upwork at the top of the list for...

/ August 31, 2018

Automate your Book Marketing

When I first heard about this new way of connecting with readers, I was more than hesitant to even consider it. It sounded…complicated.  And even though the cost was negligible,...

/ August 30, 2018

The Truth about the Amazon Bestsellers Tag

A bestseller tag tells readers that your book is popular and selling better than any other book in its category. It’s instant credibility and social proof.  It’s a pat on...

/ June 12, 2018

How to Get Reviews for your Book

When I finally published my first fiction novel, I ended up with fewer than 40 reviews. By the time I had finished writing my second, I had spent a lot...

/ June 9, 2018